Corazon Hispano Filipino


Sundate with mi familia 🙂 a family tradition of eating out after church service 🙂 As always we end up dining in our favorite restaurants 😀 So for family of 9 here’s what we have:


For Appetizer we their Pescado Calamar Bola bola their version of Fish and Squid balls served with sweet chili sause.  This one I dont find it sulit for Php 275.00 but its tita mommy’s favorite. It consist of 15pcs of fish balls and 12 pcs of squid balls…

For our main course (don’t be surprised we just love to eat :D)

>  Lumpiang Ubod (Php. 275.00) drizzled with peanut sauce minus the lumpia            wrapper.
>  Escriva (Php. 275.00) their version of embotido
>  Ortega (Php. 495.00) Oxtail kare kare
>  Bartolome (Php 325) Bangus belly cooked in a bistek tagalog style – this one I loved
>  Luis (Php. 595.00) Lechon Paksiw
>  Torres (350.00) Tilapia with mango sauce
>  Sinigang na baboy (Php 420.00) My younger sister’s forever favorite.  Maybe because hindi siya ganon kaasim and the pork was so tender.

Over all they have good food most of my family’s favorite dish was there.   A bit pricey but definitely worth going back.  😀

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Zark’s Burger

Nth years in the making, natuloy din sa wakas  burger night with office mates… 😀 We planned it around December 2015 pa when we moved from our new office… ahhahaah The last time I visited here was in their old location pa. They transfer na pala but personally i like it better than the old location… It becomes brighter and spacious.


What I have was my all time favorite Zark’s Ultimate Burger (A Quarter Pound and a few slices of bacon and veggies.  Still I don’t like their bun but the patty makes it perfect… The Last picture will show that I really enjoy our dinner date… 😀


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Fat Daddy’s Smokehouse

Beshie Day Again… So it means burger day!!!

They are known for their affordable Ribs… But for us we are not a fan of ribs, we wanted to try their Jambalaya but sad to say its out of stock… 😦  So we order Daddy’s Burger and The Big Bird Burger.   Not a bad choice i love their patties both the beef and the chicken and it goes perfectly with the sauce.  😀

I love the way they design their place 😀 The pipe layout with lights at the walls adds the feel of a Rustic Style.  So perfect for selfies… 😀 The crew were so friendly and always attentive on the needs of their customers.

Overall verdict…

I can say that i finally found my new fave… 😀 hheheheh Definitely worth it. One of the best burger in town..


Address171 N Dao, Marikina, 1810 Metro Manila
Hours: 11AM–10PM





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Miguel and Maria


One of our usual Beshie Day… We Finally made to dine here, because every time me and beshie passed by this restaurant I was astonished by the load of the people who dine there and makes me more wanna try their food.  Fortunately we didn’t have a hard time to find a parking space.

Here’s what we have:


Buffalo Wings Php. 220.00

For starter we have one of their best seller the chicken wings. Where you can choose on Three different flavors depending on how spicy you want.

Flavors are

 >  Buffalo Wings
 >  Garlic-Parmesan Wings
 >  Original BBQ Wings

for us we choose the buffalo wings served with blue cheese dip.




Miguel & Maria Ulitmate Burger Php. 220.00



As always beshie’s all time favorite aside from pizza…. BURGER!!!  It was good and juicy but for me the patty is a little over of spices. Though the melted cheese makes it perfect.  😀   I also loved their french fries with 2 different dips.





Miguel & Maria Seafood Paella Php. 350.00



For someone who loves Paella like me, you’ll definitely gonna love this one.  It’s not the typical Spanish Paella but its more on the Pinoy type of Paella. The toppings are breaded calamari, shrimp and boiled egg. Serves for 2-3 pax.




I love how they design their restaurant. It will give you the feeling of comfort, warmth and relaxation. The Ergonometrics of their table was a little odd. There is a little space for you to walk especially when they are packed.  The servers are also accommodating.  We’ll definitely go back here…

#89 Lilac corner Panorama St. Concepcion Dos, Marikina City.
For reservation you may call 02 423 2624 or text at 09989722456


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Iloilo : Netong’s Authentic La Paz Batchoy

La Paz, Iloilo is known for Batchoy or what we called La Paz Batchoy.  There are several Batchoyan located at the La Paz Market but right in the middle of the market is what they claimed the most authentic La Paz Batchoy in town or what they say the “the Pride of Iloilo” Netong’s Original Special La Paz Batchoy.


The Entrance

They offered 4 varieties of batchoy

1. Special Batchoy : Php. 55.00

2. Super Batchoy : Php. 70.00

3. Extra Batchoy : Php. 80.00

4.  Mega Bowl : Php. 100.00

For us we ordered the Super La Paz Batchoy.  This is how the real La Paz Batchoy looks like.  Grabeh!!! Kumpleto Recados…



The Owner… Son of Mr. Netong

Netong’s Original Special La Paz Batchoy

La Paz Public Market
Iloilo City
Contact Number: (033) 396 2189
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Ready for Summer???


Boracay, Philippines

One of my favorite shots of mine in Boracay last 2011… Can’t wait on my escapade on its nearby province (Iloilo) next week… 🙂

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BBQ Meat & Grill

10981866_1030728996943748_4240025809597277843_nOne of the things I enjoyed about Israel is there food. They have the best Shawarma I’ve ever tasted so far.  🙂

BBQ is the  best place for a shawarma. They offers two kinds of shawarma.  One of it was the regular shawarma in a pita bread and the other one is what most of us ordered is the Shawarma in a Laffa bread.

There is no difference with the taste of pita bread and the laffa bread.  The only difference is their size.  Laffa bread comes in a family size pizza.


enjoying my SHAWARMA…

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