Wooden Spoon by Chef Sandy Daza

wooden sppon

Wooden Spoon by Chef Sandy Daza was making a name when he first open his first branch at Katipunan and ever since I’ve been wanting to try it. And finally last December 2014 he open his branch at West Capitol, Pasig.

About the ambiance of the place I find it so cool and homey.  I love their shabby chic concept of their interior and their creativity on their furniture.


Wooden Spoon Chandelier


Their couch where you can sit while waiting…

The crew are very accommodating even when Chef Sandy left the resto.

About the food it ranges from 150-250 good for two pax per serving (not bad diba?). There is nothing special on their menu.  They serves typical filipino food with a twist and it is much more different from our lutong bahay.  Here are the food that we ordered…


Stuffed Petchay 

Pechay stuffed with lean ground pork and tinapa and cooked in a spicy coconut sauce


Spicy Squid and Mushroom


Pork Humba

It’s another happy tummy day we had. A must try restaurant in Kapitolyo , Pasig.  By the way they only accept CASH for payment.

Wooden Spoon
67 West Capitol Drive, Kapitolyo, Pasig City 

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