Israel : A tour of a lifetime


I’d been in so many places but this one is what I can say it’s worth saving for…

We spent 10 days of walking to the footsteps of Jesus, from the Sea of Galilee through out Jerusalem.

We filled each day with so much memories that it will takes a lifetime to think about it.

I’m so in loved with this country. From the places that we visits to the food and to the hospitality of my new Jewish friend.  As in everything in Israel you will surely loved.


I enjoyed walking where Jesus walk and learned the customs during Jesus Time.

We sailed to the Sea of Galilee where Jesus spent most of His ministry, We also prayed on the Caiaphas Dungeon where Jesus stays his last night, We also celebrated communion and prayed for the sick at the middle of the Garden Tomb and Golgotha.

As I went home one thing that I’m sure of, I will definitely go back… and surely I will never read my Bible the same way again.


About joahnne15

I'm God's little princess!!! I live life to the fullest... :D I love nature and and colors as much as I love traveling and photographs :D
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