Corazon Hispano Filipino


Sundate with mi familia 🙂 a family tradition of eating out after church service 🙂 As always we end up dining in our favorite restaurants 😀 So for family of 9 here’s what we have:


For Appetizer we their Pescado Calamar Bola bola their version of Fish and Squid balls served with sweet chili sause.  This one I dont find it sulit for Php 275.00 but its tita mommy’s favorite. It consist of 15pcs of fish balls and 12 pcs of squid balls…

For our main course (don’t be surprised we just love to eat :D)

>  Lumpiang Ubod (Php. 275.00) drizzled with peanut sauce minus the lumpia            wrapper.
>  Escriva (Php. 275.00) their version of embotido
>  Ortega (Php. 495.00) Oxtail kare kare
>  Bartolome (Php 325) Bangus belly cooked in a bistek tagalog style – this one I loved
>  Luis (Php. 595.00) Lechon Paksiw
>  Torres (350.00) Tilapia with mango sauce
>  Sinigang na baboy (Php 420.00) My younger sister’s forever favorite.  Maybe because hindi siya ganon kaasim and the pork was so tender.

Over all they have good food most of my family’s favorite dish was there.   A bit pricey but definitely worth going back.  😀


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